Have you been wanting to see what CrossFit is all about? 
Is CrossFit for you?  
Why not schedule a FREE Trial work out and allow one of our trained staff to introduce you to CrossFit.  

Call or text 843-504-0559 or email jkim@crossfitasperitas.com, and ask for John to set up your first Foundations Class today! The Foundations Course is included in the price of your 


CrossFit Foundations is a back-to-basics approach that allows each new athlete to immediately be involved in our programs and begin training from day one. It establishes a base-line of conditioning with each athlete and prepares them to move into our CrossFit Performance program.  Every member of our CrossFit Asperitas community must participate in the Foundations Course. 

The Foundations program is designed for beginners of CrossFit and those who may want to refresh on the movements of Crossfit.

Each Foundations Course will be done One-on-One with each athlete or as couples or in a small group if you come as a group.

Its important to note that this Foundations Course is only an introduction to Crossfit and athletes should not expect to know everything immediately. It takes time and practice to learn all the movements correctly. We as coaches will work with you constantly to make sure you are making progress and doing the movements properly. We will scale the work outs appropriately to your level as you get up to speed.

Class 1: The Squat, Press Series, and Deadlift Series

Class 2: Olympic Weightlifting Introduction

Class 3: Specialty Crossfit Movements

Each class has a specific work out of the day (WOD), that will introduce you to the CrossFit Experience.  Once you have successfully completed and demonstrated an understanding of the movements and the basics of the CrossFit methodology, the coach will administer a final workout prior to being released into the general population.  

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