Bring long socks, rope climbs in WOD.

Warm up: 3 inch worms, 10 pass thrus, bear crawl around rig, 15 sit ups
200m run backwards

Mobility: 6-7 mins, thoracic stretch w roller, tricep barbell roll

Skill/Strength: HSPUs/OHS
Before starting, do 2 warm up sets of OHS at 50%

10 min EMOM:
Odd mins: HSPU’s
4 reps if on the wall
5 reps if using a box
Even mins: Over head Squat
3-4 reps @60% (may do from rack), can increase weight if form is good.

200m run
4 Powers Snatch 135/95 (65%snatch)
8 Toes-To-Bar
14 box jumps 24/20

Cash out: 1 Rope Climbs (S1: 5 Pull ups, S2: 10 Ring Rows)

Mobility: Quads, Pigeon, Door stretch