T-spine roll x 2

Pigeon x 2

10 Pass throughs

10 good mornings

10 forward arm swings

10 second bar hang

Wrist Stretch


Warm up:

30 DUs

10 Push Ups

10 Archer ring rows 

30 jumping jacks

15 Sit Ups

15 Banded Squats

15 Band Pull Aparts

200m run


Strength: Dead Lifts Cycling

50%x5 TnG

60%x5 TnG

75%x(3 TnG x 5 singles x 3 TnG)x3 (see below for details)


(Dead Lifts @75%: First 3 Touch and Go, Immediately followed by 5 quick singles with 2-3 seconds rest between each rep. Then immediately do another 3 touch and go reps. Complete 3 total sets of the complex)


WOD: “Marathon-ish”

For Time: 20 min Cap

1600m row

800m run

60 Burpees


-May do in any order