Mobility: ROM WOD: “AKA Flexy” (18:45)


Warm up:

15 cal row

7 Burpees over the rower

15 ring rows

7 good mornings w bar

7 Push press w bar



Skill: EMOM x 8 “Pull Up Progression”


Odd: 3 Negatives with a 3 sec hold with chin over bar (the top) and 3-5 sec descent


Even: 30 Sec Hollow Hold with PVC (Shoulder blades off the ground)


-S1: 3 Negatives with feet on box using barbell in rack (body in L sit position)

-RX+: Weighted Pull ups or L-Sit Pull Ups



WOD: “Diane”

For Time:


Dead Lifts 225/155