Skill: EMOM x 5

Min 1: 2 Strict Pull ups and 9 Push Ups

Min 2: 4 Kipping Pull Ups and 8 push Ups

Min 3: 3 Strict Pull ups and 7 Push Ups

Min 4: 5 Kipping Pull Ups and 6 Push Ups

Min 5: 4 Strict Pull Ups and 5 Push Ups

Strength: Find 3RM Push Jerk in 15-18 Mins

WOD A: 4 min AMRAP:

400m run (If you can not run, you may substitute a 500m row)

Max Clean and Jerks 135/95

(Any type of clean is acceptable)

Rest 4 mins

WOD B: 4 min AMRAP

130 DUs (260 Singles)

Max Snatch 135/85

(Any type of Snatch is acceptable)

(Note the RX weight is different for the C&J and Snatch for women)