Skill: 6 min EMOM

Odd: 5 HSPUs

Even: 3 Bar or ring MUs (athlete's choice: work on MU progression- banded MUs 1:1, jumping MUs 1:1, ring thing 1:1)



WOD A: "Big Clean Complex"

5 sets: 20 mins total time

-Can not drop the bar throughout all 12 movements, 


-If you drop the bar, you must immediately do 5 Burpees, then complete the complex where you left off.


-You will have 4 mins to complete the complex, then rest the remaining time.


-Try to increase weight each set, but it is not mandatory, however the whole purpose is to complete the complex at the heaviest weight possible without dropping the bar.


COMPLEX - Do all 12 movements without dropping the bar. Start light!

1. Hang Power Clean

2. Hang Squat Clean

3. Touch and go Squat Clean

4. Push Press


5. Hang Power Clean

6. Hang Squat Clean

7. Touch and go Squat Clean 

8. Push Jerk


9. Hang Power Clean

10. Hang Squat Clean

11. Touch and go Squat Clean 

12. Split Jerk