Skill/Strength: 6 min EMOM- Barbell Complex

Use 50% Snatch, add 10# or 5# each Odd Mins

Odd: Power Snatch, OHS, Snatch

Even: Hang Power Clean, Front Squat, Clean


WOD A: Heavy Day: 30 Mins Time Cap

"Snatch, Clean, Dead Lift All Day”


As Long as You Can EMOM: Start with empty bar

Min1: Snatch the bar

Min2: Add 10#, then Snatch

Min3: Add 10#, then Snatch

-Keep adding 10# every minute until you fail Snatch.

-The add 10# to failed Snatch weight and start to Clean. 

-Keep adding 10# every min until you fail Clean.

-Then add 20# to failed Clean weight and start to Dead Lift. 

-Add 20# every minute until you fail dead lift.



Record heaviest made 1) Snatch, 2) Clean, and 3) Dead Lift.


Rest 3 mins then WOD B (Can start while others are still doing WOD A)

WOD B: 400m Run for time