#heavyday #olympicweightlifting

WOD A: 400m Run for time. Start under the canopy, End at the threshold of door.


Skill: 6 min EMOM w empty bar

Odd: 3 strict press, 4 push press, 5 push jerks

Even: 5 power cleans, 5 front squats


Strength WOD B: "Heavy Day” Clean complex

9 mins warm up/set up period: Work up to 70% of Clean 1rm


25 mins Time Cap:

C & J Complex:

1 Power Clean (or squat clean)

1 Front Squat

1 Push jerk/Split Jerk



First working set must start at 75% of 1RM Clean OR Jerk. Must increase each set unless you fail the attempt, however a failed attempt still will count as a rep.


WOD B: Score is the heaviest weight lifted for a completed Complex.


Finisher: 400m run at 80%+ effort.