Skill: Toes to bar

6 min EMOM

Odd: 5 strict T2B

Even: 5 kipping T2B or legs straight and as high as possible

(the goal is to string them together, so learn the kip rhythm before attempting to touch toes to bar)


Strength: Clean Complex; Use 65% of Clean

-increase weight if form is good

7 min EMOM: Every minute complete the following:

2 Clean DL

1 Hang Clean

1 Jerk (split or push)


WOD: Power Clean/Burpee ladder… 

CAVEAT: At the top of every min you must stop what your doing and perform 5 air squats (which do not count toward your total reps)

14 min Time cap:


2 Power Clean 135/95

2 Burpee 

4 Power Clean  

4 Burpee = 12 reps

6 Power Clean 

6 Burpee = 24 reps

8 Power Clean 

8 Burpee = 40 reps

10 Power Clean 

10 Burpee = 60 reps

12 Power Clean 

12 Burpee = 84 reps...


Keep going up the “ladder” increasing by 2 rep per movement, per round until 14 minutes is up.

Score is total reps